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  Well, Not to say much, but We have done something which has made all our Clients PROUD. We have won OVER 50 no. of AWARDS for Excellence in Designing by I.A.W.M.D.  
  Would you agree that 75% of any business is achieved by mere show business. Here is one major & sophisticate step to attract new customers.  
  Ace Smart and its aliases are a global business and technology services company dedicated to provide the highest level of innovative and cost-effective technical solutions to customers.  
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Search engine optimization, also known as placement and positioning, is the process of optimizing and promoting a website over the Internet for top rankings in search engines. Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a Web site by ranking high in the search results of a search engine. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that site will be visited by a user. The resulting visitors to those sites are more likely to purchase products and services since they were specifically searching for that information. Only after optimization you can submit a site and hope for good results.

Ace Smart tallies the design, navigation, content and coding of your site with Search Engine algorithms. Every search engine uses its own unique formula, called an algorithm, to index and score websites. Search engines' algorithms weigh various factors, covering a website's outer appearance and back-end coding, to rank pages in their search results. By constantly refining and improving their algorithms, search engines hope to give their visitors the most relevant results.

We ensure that your website is as search engine friendly as possible. We will give you a detailed analysis of which algorithm your website abides by and which it has ignored. On this basis, we'll also send you a set of recommendations and ensure that your website is well optimized and ready to be promoted.

Key Phrases are the most probable group of words that your target market looks up in search engines for websites, products or services like yours.
Selection of key phrases is a complicated and very important part of the Search Engine Marketing methodology. Keywords have to be:
Say, for an example of "Pen Manufacturer in India", the Keywords would be:
not "Pen Manufacturer", but "Pen Manufacturer India" (Targeted)
not "Ball Point Pen Manufacturer", but "Ball Point Pen Manufacturer in India" (Unique)
not "Gel Pens", "Manufacturers of Gel Pens in India" (Descriptive)
Guaranteed Ranking
There are hundreds of websites providing SEO guarantees with a majority of them promising a Google, Yahoo & MSN listing with a fine print that includes few small time search engines which hardly bring any meaningful traffic. Our guarantee is for Google, Yahoo and MSN – the top 3 search engines which generate more than 80% of internet search traffic.

Our SEO Services Guarantee depends on the number of keywords, competitiveness of the keywords, your current website positioning, optimization & ranking, competitiveness of your market etc. Based on the agreed keywords and the rankings required, we would provide a custom SEO Services Guarantee quote for guaranteed top rankings.

We will review your web site and that of your competitors and examine the key phrases applicable for your business. We will also take inputs from you during this period since no one can know your business better than you together with competition-analyze and internet-tools. You can give as many key phrases as you like.

In general we beat our guarantee and our effort is not limited to just achieve the guarantee. We are committed to attain top rankings for you resulting in increased traffic, visibility and revenue. We are your long term partner for success.
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